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Olofs Prayer Book Fyne Fréderic Eden

Olofs Prayer Book

Fyne Fréderic Eden

Published August 18th 2014
ISBN : 9781633824645
70 pages
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 About the Book 

This is a collection of poems that illustrates peoples experiences, and it includes the events that they have gone through after conflicts and wars. Many poems are about peace, friendship, despair and hope. Because of bickering and other negative incidents, people sometimes ask themselves questions, and the poems here will hopefully help them in finding the answers that they are seeking. Also, another important aspect of this book is that it can also be significant to children with disabilities as they are so fragile and so dependent on others. Maybe, all of us have some kind of disability as well. This booklet contains poetic narratives of the past, which hopes to shed light on the present and the future. Fyne Frederic Eden (Belgium, 1951) is now living in Zemst. He often expresses himself through poetry. And, to him, writing is not only a delight, but it is also a means of articulating everyday worries and explaining certain perspectives. After his first collection, he now has this second collection of poems that includes narrative poetry.